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5 Toys That Spice Up The Bedroom

One of the biggest complaints from married couples is that the bedroom becomes dull after a few years. It does not have to be this way, especially if you are not afraid to add adult toys into your relationship. Many people think sex toys are only for those who are single, so they are scared to introduce them to the bedroom. When you go into new things with an open mind, here are a few ways to allow toys to bring couples to the next level of intimate time.


There are not many toys that are for the man's pleasure when enjoying sexual time with your partner. One item is the ring that goes around the base of the penis. This toy is placed on a penis when it is either flaccid or semi-erect and will enhance the pleasure the man experiences during sex. You will want to get a ring that is made of rubber or latex to stretch as you grow. While this toy does not do much for your partner, it is a great addition to increase your performance and pleasure.


Vibrators are great toys for all genders You can find them in a multitude of styles and sizes, allowing them to be perfect for everyone. Men can receive great pleasure from a gentle massage of the prostate, and this toy provides a safe way to give that. Also, while men are pleasing their women vaginally or anally, adding a vibrator to the clitoris is a guaranteed way to enhance an orgasm.


Anal plugs can seem a bit intimidating at first and take practice. However, if you have a patient partner, they can be a great addition to foreplay. Make sure you start with smaller plugs to prevent tearing, go slow, and use plenty of lube. Butt plugs apply pressure on the prostate for men, making them compatible with a woman giving oral sex to their man. They also will loosen up the anus before anal sex, making it more enjoyable for both partners.


The toy that most people think of as a "solo female" item is a dildo. These come in all sizes, styles, and materials. It is easy to grow a collection for different uses. You can use it for double penetration, or use the vibrating setting to rub against erogenous zones during foreplay.

Bondage Devices

Cuffs, blindfolds, straps, and other bondage devices are great sex toys that can be used in addition to the toys listed above. You and your partner must have open communication, a safe word, and trust before adding these into the bedroom. It has been shown that reducing one sense will enhance the other senses. Consider prohibiting your partner from seeing, touching, or speaking for an easy way to spice it back up.

These are only a few of the sex toys you can find in an adult store and only a few ways to enjoy them. For some, it is a way of life, while others can use them occasionally to enhance the orgasm. What is important is after you use any toy, you thoroughly clean it. All toys will have instructions on cleaning and maintaining the toys, but adult stores often have suggestions as well.

If you're interested in adult sex toys, reach out to a local adult toy store for more information.